About Us

CRB (Cannabis Related Business) Insurance was formed to address the unique business needs in the quickly evolving cannabis industry. Our founder brings his 25 years of experience in the property and casualty insurance arena to this relatively new industry.


Many mainstream insurance companies either refuse to cover cannabis businesses or don’t make the effort to understand the unique needs of the industry. This void led Scott to sell his insurance companies in Illinois and move to Colorado to launch CRB Insurance – a company that focuses solely on Cannabis and Hemp-Related businesses.


CRB will aid you in navigating this niche specific industry by providing well-researched solutions. We will protect and equip you with professional insurance essential to the cannabis industry.


From that very first client up to the present day, we’ve dedicated our entire practice in diminishing the challenges that businesses in the legal cannabis and hemp industries face when trying to get insurance coverage.


Cannabis-related businesses have opened their doors with the knowledge that many in the community still view them with concern. It is a rapidly expanding industry that has attracted insurance agencies looking to make a quick profit but they are not necessarily equipt with the knowledge needed to address the legitimate business concerns of the industry.


CRB works directly with Compliance Specialists, Payroll Companies, PEO’s, and Bankers to insure only authentic, best-in-class cannabis-related businesses. When you qualify for our program, you’ll find the BEST coverage at the LOWEST cost.


Through extensive risk management assessments of some of the leading dispensaries, cultivation facilities, and manufacturers, we’ve spent countless hours observing and solving the insurance challenges the cannabis industry faces.


At CRB Insurance, we are experts in insurance. We understand your industry. We understand the risks and challenges that businesses face. We understand the value of protection.


We bring our extensive knowledge and experience to your business to provide insurance products that are affordable, attainable, and most importantly, will safeguard each and every business we serve.